Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Dating Life: Most Embarrassing Dates Ever.

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I believe that every woman has had at least 1 cringe-worthy date in their life. It might have been you being overly dressed for a picnic or his awful eating habits and etc. At any rate, they can make you either want to hightail it outta there or crawl into a dark hole and die. Here are some of my most embarrassing dates EVER:

1. Me and my date were supposed to go out for the most typical date in the universe: A movie and dinner after that at the mall. I wasn't fashion conscious then BUT still attempted to dress up as nicely as my limited number of clothes allowed; jeans, tank top, fitted cardigan and sandals. I even put my hair in a bun an hour before to create loose curls. 

Spritzing perfume, I waited to be picked up. When my date arrived and came out of the car, he was wearing a faded black tank top with holes in it, brown cargo pants and Japanese slippers. What the fish?! I went through with the date but totally died of embarrassment on the inside.

2. On another occasion I prepped extra pretty for a date because we were going to Midvalley Megamall. I wore a black dress, turquoise wedge heels and made my hair into a stylish bun held by a comb with delicate rosettes. In short, I was looking cute and felt like a million bucks. 
My date came, handsome in jeans and button down shirt that showed off his buffed bod. Wow! So off we went on our date, yadda yadda yadda. In the end just before we parted ways, he leaned in and said,"Next time can you please wear a long skirt instead? I don't like seeing you in a dress". Wait, what? What the prawn?

Remember I said 'yadda yadda yadda' about our date? It's because I have lost all memory of what we did due to that rude shock he gave me at the end.

3. Next was a guy from school whom I had really great conversations with. We decided to grab a bite at Nyonya Colors and both of us ordered a soup-based dish. I think it was Laksa or something. Everything was really great until he started slurping his food. It was so bad that I think even those sitting 3 tables away could hear him.

On top of that he stuffed too much food into his mouth and ended up gagging at one point. I quickly finished my food so that we could get out of there as soon as possible and when we did he complained almost the rest of the date on how expensive the food was. 


4. Last but not least, there was one time when I went on a triple date. The guys started to drink and by the end of the night my (urgh!) date was hurling the contents of his stomach outside. Then he did a horrendously off-key rendition of "Everything I Do, I Do It For You" by Brian Adams for me. I remember pretending not to notice his dramatic gestures with the hopes that nobody else would know he was yowling to me. Seriously, WHAT THE STINGRAY?

I bet you do.. (Source)

**Let me just say that it was partly my bad for going out with someone who drinks. I just didn't know that he would be that dumb and inconsiderate on a date. Lesson learnt? Be picky. It's all about the Quality, NOT the quantity of admirers.

There you have it my most nightmarish dates to er, date. What's YOUR most embarrassing dates? Do share in the comments section below.



  1. OMG. I LOL-ed so hard when I read this. *still giggling*

    I think my worst date was 6 years ago where this guy wanted to get cosy & lovey dovey while watching movie and I kinda freak out. Toward the end of the date, he wanted a kiss! On the lips! I just pat his shoulder and shake hands and never went out with him again. I just don't prefer a guy who make move too fast while I just wanted to chills. :D

    P.s Advice's taken. Be picky :)

  2. Hi Frydolina, thanks for stopping by. haha.. Glad you enjoyed this post. Ei, bulih2 oh kan tu lelaki? Octopus la bah tu. :P

    1. Memanggg octopus stail hehee :P

    2. Kalo Johnny Depp kah, David Beckham kah tiapa juga la kan kena buat gitu. Jung Kook Oppa pun jadi la. Hehehehe..