Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Hello there,

Fitness and health has been an 'in' thing for years. (Read: Fit and healthy. Skinny is so 80's don't you know?). Every few years a trend would crop up in the fitness world. Do you notice it?

Few years ago Poco2 dance took the world by storm. Everyone and their great-grandma were doing it. Some for fun and some as a form of exercise. Then came Zumba, which appealed to the young and restless to the middle-aged group.

Itu yang nyata tau, yang kita boleh nampak. Sini Zumba, sana Zumba, sinun Poco2. But there is another fitness trend (two, actually) cropping up silently. Betul2 silent. Kalau tidak buka mata besar2 sah tidak nampak. Can you guess?

If you said yoga, you get 10 marks! If you said running, you get 10 marks as well! Kalau dulu di Sabah paling2 dengar event lari2 ni, Sutera Harbour's 7K Charity Run jak kan? Sekarang ni macam2 ada. Borneo International Marathon la, apa la. As for yoga, if you love reading blogs, boleh nampak banyak bloggers yang ada at least one photo of them doing a yoga pose.

The purpose of this long intro above bukan untuk ejek atau kutuk tau. Far from it. Thing is, all of these peeps that have been practicing yoga are swearing by it. "I feel so relaxed". "I love yoga. I feel stronger now" "It's like my mind just.. at peace". This got me curious. Betul kah dapat inner peace bila buat yoga? If it does, then get me a piece of that!

Al-maklum la, what with being surrounded 8 hours a day by (crazy) people, a bit of relaxation is exactly what I need. So tersemat la dalam qalbu, mau cuba practice yoga! Pinjam buku library apa semua. Semangat ni. Tup2 mula kerja baru. Sibuk tahap langit ketujuh. So I posponed. Meh.

Last night my sisters and I were chatting in our Whatsapp group when my eldest sister told us that she had tried yoga and she has fallen in love. Dalam hati sy, "Aw man, not you too". You see, her enthusiasm made it glaringly obvious to me what I'm missing. I could imagine her floating into a magical carridge with a sign that says "Positive people only. Inner peace and flexibility required" joining the group of irritatingly serene self-made yogis in it.

"NOOOOO!!! Don't leave me here all alone, shrivelled and bitter! I want it too! I wanna! I wanna!" I screamed silently.

So then and there, I rolled up my sleeves and opened my (dusty) yoga book from the library and (skipped) speed read the instructions. (Woman wanting serenity here, helloooo.. Who wants to waste time reading instructions?). The first step was correct breathing. (Ya, ya, ya.. Breathe in then breathe out. Pfft.. So tell me what's new? Next!) Then the most basic of poses, the Mountain Pose. Sanang saja bah. Berdiri saja. So I did, breathing in and out deeply ikut suka hati.

After 10 breath in-and-outs, terus tanya diri sendiri, "Am I at peace yet?" Belum, masih stress. Next pose please! Upward Y stretch [I am sure there is a name for this pose but since I (skipped) speed read the instructions, I have christened it with another name]. After doing a few other poses, I looked down at my feet to check if I have levitated. Nope, feet still on the ground.

Begitu la kisah orang yang belagaran mau practice yoga. Jadi macam si Ongkol2 sudah. Just so you know, this tale is (barely) exaggerated. I know that I can't rush things and it takes time and effort as well as commitment (not to mention patience) to integrate yoga into my daily routine for it to have a positive impact in my life.




  1. Hahaha yo are so funny! And yes you can't rush yoga. Skip the books go straight to Yoga on Youtube ( yes we don't want to waste time reading instructions!). the video on my post is one of the best out there so far for me. Try that then you will understand how to do Mountain Pose better and the rest of course.

    Good luck!

    1. I'll have to menumpang kasih tempat si kakak Yvonne tu to watch the vid. Tau la mobile phone punya Internet, slow macam siput patah kaki. Lol..

  2. Salam kenal..sya folo blog phoebe :)

    1. Salam kenal dear. Thanks for dropping by and following my blog. ^^

  3. was at your beauty blog, can't comment can't see the words bottom to type.

    but we have same theme blog in :D

    1. Welcome to my blog Sherry. Really? Thanks for telling me. I'll try to get it fixed. This is the only blog I am actively updating by the way. ^^

  4. LOL. I think beryoga lagi bikin stress ni. Habis mau slow2. haha. But then I saw people posting their abs all from just doing yoga and now I'm intrigued. Tgk la someday. haha

    1. Hahaha.. Sy pula stress sbb high expectation. Biiiilllaaa sy mo rasa tidak stress ni? Am I doing it wrong? Bla bla bla.. Hahaha..