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How To : Minimize Dressing Room Dramas.

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I used to have a dysfunctional relationship with clothes. I hated trying them on because 90%-100% of the time they didn't fit me. Finding clothes for special occasions like Christmas would make me really stressed out. I remember how I would cry in my room after coming home from an unsuccessful shopping expedition. It wasn't a pleasant experience AT ALL.

I have been watching a lot of 'Dressing Room Confidential' videos on Youtube by various plus size vloggers lately and I noticed that they don't get stressed out in the dressing room. After observing and applying several things that I have learnt from them, I am happy to say that I now have a better experience in the dressing room EVEN when nothing fits. If you want to know how to minimize dressing room dramas, then keep on reading.

1. Change Your Mindset
This is the most important thing you could do. Whenever the clothes didn't fit, I used to think that I was a failure. That I was not thin enough nor good enough to fit into the clothes. Pish posh of course! As a living human being, how can a piece of cloth sewn together with thread be more superior than me? It's crazy!

I have since changed my mindset. Whenever something doesn't fit, I would say,"Okay, this blouse/jeans doesn't fit me. Let's try a bigger size or move on to the next item". As simple as it is, this made a HUGE difference to how I feel at the end of a successful/unsuccessful shopping trip. It is not me that doesn't fit the clothes, it's the clothes that don't fit MY body's requirements and that's okay. Neeexxtt please!!!

2. Always Try It On
One of the new principles that I have embraced is to always try on clothes. Even in a store that usually doesn't carry my size, I'd comb through the racks looking for an item that looks like it might fit me (especially if it is stretchable) and try it on. I find that such efforts can be rewarding as I have discovered hidden gems numerous times that way. It's okay if it doesn't fit, at least you know for sure that it is not for you.

Imagine missing out on a great piece because of shying away from the unexpected or ASSUMING that something will not fit just because it's sold in a store that usually caters for non Plus Size Princesses. That would be such a bummer right?

I'd have never known that this sweater top which has a narrow cut 
at the bottom part would fit me well if I hadn't tried it on.

3. Do Not Compete
If you are shopping with a friend, especially if she is not a Plus Size Princess, it is easy to feel left out as she tries on clothes after clothes while you browse rack after rack trying to find an XL and beyond with no success. Sometimes we might even keep score: 10 items fit her vs 2 items fit you. Personally, I think the best way is to compromise.

Try to explore the clothing shops in your area including thrift stores. I am guessing that you will find at least one that carries your size. Once you know which one that is, make a point to stop by so that you'd be able to shop too.

In the event where there is absolutely no such place for you, then your best bet is to go online shopping or tailor make your clothes. Include your friend while browsing through Zalora or bring (read:drag) her to shop for fabrics and check out different tailors with you. This will create a middle ground and you (hopefully) won't have to feel resentful any longer. Be creative and remember, there is not only one way to acquire clothes.

4. Be Positive
You will also need to remember that there will be days when nothing fits, even in places where you usually shop. Accept and embrace that it is not your day. It's hard sometimes but it can be done. I usually remind myself to feel grateful that clothes do not fit me too easily because it helps me to save money. Hehehe.. Pick a positive thought that you truly believe in for you to fall back on during such days and I promise that it will really help.

So there you have it, some points to put into practice in order to avoid or at least minimize drama in the dressing room. If you have anything to add or you'd like to share your dressing room meltdown stories, feel free to do so in the comments section below. Until the next one, toodles!


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