Sunday, 3 January 2016

Recap of 2015

Hello hello lovelies!

Yup, it's time for the year end recap. I must say, I am sad to see 2015 go. One of the reason for that is that 5 is my favorite number and it will be 10 years before the year ends with it. Huhu.. Not only that, I can truly say that 2015 is the year I pushed myself out of my comfort zone physically, mentally and emotionally.

Without further ado, let's start the recap shall we?

1. I De-cluttered My Room
It started out with me clearing out my vanity and eventually I decided to clean out my whole room and shelf cupboard which I affectionately refer to as Big Ben. Check out the linked post if you'd like to see some cool throwback items of us 90's kids as teens. Biodata diaries, video cassette cover as pencil case, etc. It's all there!

Vanity (before)

 Vanity (after)

Room (in progress)

Big Ben (after)

2. I Did The Reading Challenge 2015
And smashed it.. Twice! I initially set to read 25 books but surpassed that amount by the 2nd month. So I increased it to 50 books and ended up reading 56 books.

Wee hoo!

3. I Had An Epiphany As A Single Parent
I experienced a lot of frustration in my job from the start but it was particularly worse in 2015. Instead of dealing with the feelings of helplessness and anger, I suppressed it which manifested itself in the form of compulsion. My wake up call came in the form of seeing a father being indulgent to his daughters in the supermarket. It made me realize that although I am human and prone to bad days or spells, I can't afford to indulge in it because my little girl needs me and there's no one else for her to fall back on.

It also made me realize that I needed to take care of myself, my health, my emotions as well as how I manage my negative feelings and experiences in life. This prompted me to do the next thing...

4. I Took Steps To Take Charge Of My Health
I have a history of Hyperthyroidism and PCOS. Both these conditions were diagnosed a over a decade ago and although I no longer on medication for either condition, I was encouraged to do an annual check up to be on the safe side.

True to my nature  have neglected to do so for the past 5 years or so, and this year I decided to face my fears and took action by doing a blood test for my Hyperthyroidism and full abdominal scan for my PCOS. The good news is that both are normal so yay for me!

5. I Did Traditional Alternative Health Treatment For The First Time
Well, technically I have done alternative treatment such as acupuncture before but this is using massage to 'expel wind' from the body as well as acu bekam and foot ice bath. It was a horrendous experience for me because i have never done it before but the results were phenomenal! I could sleep well, I ate less and I stayed full for longer. I also couldn't consume a bag of crisps without getting sore throat and I didn't have any cravings. It was as if my whole being was reset. Amazing!

6. I Started My Youtube Channel
I have wanted to have my own Youtube channel for a long, long time. There was always something that 'stopped' me from doing it from the lack of equipment, knowledge, nice background, shyness and etc. This year, I decided "Sod it, I am going to make a Youtube Channel even if I have to film in my car" which is what I did. Hehehe... 

One of my videos...

7. I Joined The Sutera Harbour 7K Charity Run
After 5 years of wanting to join, I finally did it this year! I was determined to make happen in 2015 because not only does it end with my fave number, but 2015 is also the year I turn 29, my final year in my 20's. Hehe.. Read about my experience doing the run without any training here and check out my vlog down below.

We finished the run and it felt sooo goooodd!!

8. I Started Strength Training At The Gym
I have always wanted to do strength training at the gym but unfortunately, most gyms are overrun with buffed (often half-naked) men. Hardly a conducive environment for the self-conscious like moi. So when a Ladies Only gym opened in November this year, it felt like it was Heaven-sent. 

Forgive the low quality image, my phone was acting up that day.

9. I Brought Sophie Swimming At The Local Swimming Pool
I started to bring Sophie to the local public pool this year. It always starts the same way. She'd cling to me like a cat for the first few minutes and when she has become comfortable terus buang batu. Ndamau kena pegang langsung okay! Kin gerigitan. But I'm glad she's having fun. I never had that experience as a child and I really want her to have it. I think I am the only parent who slathers her child within the inch of her life with sunscreen there. Lol!

This was the first 5 minutes. She was clinging to me.

Notice how our expressions have reversed? The little imp REFUSES to be held not even by her jacket. Tension mama okay.

10. I Sang On Stage For The First Time In 5 Years
Sophia kept saying,"Mama singing" each time the performer sang. Eventually, I went up and sang not only to make memories for her but also to push myself to do the things that make me fearful or uncomfortable. It was how I wanted to approach the end of 2015 so that I can carry that with me into 2016.

Needless to say, Sophia cried when I sang the chorus. 

So there you have it, my summary of how my 2015 has been. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a very Happy New Year 2015. May all of us be Blessed with good health, and abundance of wealth, love and happiness. In shaa Allah, Amin.



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    1. Hi Rebecca. I agree about it being effective without the side effects. I hope the leg pain therapy worked for you. :)