Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Project Less Stuff Less Stress 1.0

Hello hello dearies..

I have been thinking of de-cluttering my makeup collection and room in general the past week and I finally had the chance to do it last Sunday. I had concentrated on getting rid of my non-beauty items first because I had to make room for a new tv that we are getting just for my dad. While I have put aside some makeup items that I know I can do without, I know there's more.

I must warn you that my makeshift vanity area was very messy and out of control. Also, my furniture are very old. In fact, they are older than I am! So you will see battered and scratch-riddled pieces rich with family history and not pristine Ikea furniture. :)

Are you ready? Have a look at the before photo:

Disaaasssterrrr... And this is just my 'vanity'.

I had to sort through a looootttt of things from clothes to accessories, body care, crafts, etc and it took me the whole day. All in all I did enjoy myself although there was a moment early in the evening when I actually felt absolute panic settling in.

It was caused by seeing a pile of stuff on the bed and realizing that not only do they belong to no specific category, there was also no place to put them away. I felt like I was merely moving my stuff around and not getting rid of enough which is crazy since I have 2 full plastic bins worth of junk to throw out, 2 bags of clothes and accessories as well as a box of baby clothes to donate.

Whaaaatt the???

Some of the junk lurking in my closet: Video cover pencil case (doesn't it bring back memories?), clasps I used to collect to make my own necklace, 1 cent coins that are no longer in use and a mountain of baby clothes (and a sprinkle of adult tops).

Here is the after photo:


I still have a lot of stuff because not only is it a work in progress (to be resumed after work and on my next day off), I am also retaining things like body care and skincare that I have accumulated over the years to use them up. I am thinking of doing a Project Use Up 10 Items which essentially is pretty much the same as a Project 10 Pan but it's a mish mash of makeup, skincare, hair care and body care and it will be about using up products instead of just 'hitting pan'.

By the way, I had visited Youtube to find ideas on how to go about my cleaning/clearing project and was surprised to find that a lot of makeup gurus/junkies on there have actually jumped on the de-cluttering bandwagon although they mainly concentrate on cleaning out their makeup collections. Apparently, it has become a trend of sorts.

One Youtuber stood out above the rest however. Like me, she did not only go about clearing out her makeup pile but also all the unnecessary stuff in her house. I really like her because she is pretty brutal and very logical at the same time. If she haven't reached for an item in a year, the color doesn't suit her or the smell irritates her, she chucks them out either by donating to her local women's shelter or giving them to friends and family to enjoy (even high end makeup!). As for non-makeup items she either throws them/donate or sells them off at a yard sale. She really got me pumped up on doing this project.

Are you happy with the way your room/house is at the moment? Or can it use a bit of spring cleaning? Share your thoughts below darlings. Till the next post, toodles!



  1. this is a great idea! I need to de clutter too Happy early Valentines day to you

    1. Thanks dearie. And yes, one step at a time towards a clutter free home!

  2. i always give my friends and family the products that I don't like. eventhough it hurts me sometimes hahaa coz most of them are expensive, well, at least expensive for student to afford, but it's good because I rarely have unused stuffs on my makeup table. As for clothes, I sell them at Carousel and Instagram. There are a lot of students looking for 2nd hand stuffs there..

    1. It's good that you can part with stuff even if it's painful. I'm still working on it. I'm constantly in denial that I'd never eve use that purple lipstick, matte yellow eye shadow, outrageous earrings enough etc. to warrant keep it.